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The customer may return any product purchased in our store, provided that the product has not been opened or used. Keep in mind that:


1 - The time to make a return of 15 days from the receipt of the order. The delivery date of the order will be the one that the transport company defines in its delivery receipt.

2 - The cost of the return will be borne by the buyer when they are voluntary returns, except if the return is made due to an error in the product that the customer has received (forcible return).

3 - In case of forced return, the customer should contact us by email at info@neztar.au, indicate the problem and send photographs of the product received in which it is clearly seen in product packaging and the ean code of the product or products . In case the return is accepted, our customer service department will send you a free return label.

4 - In case the return is voluntary, the buyer must send the product to our warehouses at the following address: PG LOGISTICA, C / Bronze nº 12, Burriana, Castellón, Spain, cp 12530.

5 - In case the customer receives a defective or broken product, the same process as in point 3 must be applied.

6 - In case the product is in good conditions and the delivery has been correct, the policy of point 4 will apply.



When a customer returns a product, the return process will be:

  1. The product arrives at our facilities.
  2. Within a period not exceeding 2 working days, our department will verify the status of the product.
  3. In case the product is in perfect condition, the customer will be notified that their return has been accepted.
  4. In a maximum period of 7 working days, the customer will be paid the amount of their purchase by the same payment method that the buyer used when making the purchase.
  5. If you have used a promotional code to make the purchase, only the amount paid by the buyer will be paid.
  6. If the buyer prefers the refund in a form of payment different from the one that made the purchase, you can request it at info@neztar.au
  7. In the event that, for whatever reason, the refund could not be made in the same method, the client will be informed by email to offer an alternative solution as soon as our administration department receives the refund order.